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About me


I'm Lauren... I'm a pink-loving, fudge-baking, orchid-growing, Jesus-loving girly-girl living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Welcome to Lauren Joy Creative, the home of...

I choose to live a life that celebrates God’s Love, Grace & Goodness – delighting in everything that is Him. I choose to look at the world and praise Him for its beauty, relishing every precious moment whether out in nature or surrounded by friends and family. Every moment spent being grateful for His abundant blessings is worth capturing and holding onto in a thankful heart… and with His inspiration, I love using my camera to keep those memories alive a little longer than the fleeting moment. For me, photography is about capturing the honesty of the moment – the laughter, the joy (sometimes even the sorrow), the hope, the silliness, the love and the possibility within… I want to see you as God sees you and somehow, with the Holy Spirit’s help, capture that in an image or two.

My clothing range began as a step of faith, following Holy Spirit's leading me in an Adventure of  embracing the Simpler, Slower lifestyle and values of my childhood - combining a sense of nostalgia with the freshness of the Next Generation.

Hello Love is my personal Love Story - the one God has written for me and has asked me to share with the world.  While always seeking to honor G, the absolute love of my life, I try to be as candid as possible about the highs and lows (and lots of learning curves) experienced in this Heart's Journey.

Grab a cup of tea and make yourself at home... check out my blog posts, the online shop and find me on the Social Media links... and feel free to drop me a "hello" through the contact forms.

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