{Couple Shoot} Love Project #2 – Simone + Ber

This post is a little bittersweet: we prayed Simone + Ber ‘out’ of church tonight – and by that I mean, we prayed God bless them as they leave Cape Town and move to Oudtshoorn.  What an awesome, truly exceptional couple.  As much as my heart is sore that they are leaving, I know this move is a God-thing and that even as they look forward to the new season with excitement… I don’t know if they are fully aware of how much of a blessing they will be to their new church and community.  If you don’t know them, you must be wondering what makes this couple so wonderful… well, nothing really… other than their Realness. They’re just themselves – Real, Raw and sometime totally Ridiculous (in the best possible way) and by being so, they give others permission to do and be themselves too.

So seeing that they are leaving Cape Town, it seemed only apt that we do a shoot in Woodstock, embracing their cool, quirky love for street art and having the mountain peek through in the background…

They’ve been together for almost 18 years – both being eachother’s “first girlfriend/ boyfriend”.  They have lived overseas, away from family, returned and are raising two beautiful, spunky, fun-loving little girls. My favourite thing about Simone and Ber is the complete acceptance they have of one another; they are eachother’s Safe Space… and yet, there is no sense of complacency: they challenge eachother on to comtinually become the best version of themselves, stepping out of comfort zones, overcoming fears, finding healing and victory.  They are going to be used greatly in God’s Kingdom, simply by being who they are: humble, honest, real.

As is my tradition with my Love Project, I always ask the couples what has been the key to their successful relationship… and as Simone says, “Knowing that without Jesus we are nothing. We are broken people who need Him completely and can do nothing without Him.” Agreeing, Ber added “And we don’t take ourselves seriously – we laugh together.” And they really do.  After every shoot I have done with them, I always say they are my #MarriageGoals and its still true…


{Personal Portraiture} Gabi

One of the creative steps I am choosing to take as a photographer is ‘personal portraiture’ – spending time with one person and trying to capture something of their heart and personality.  Its a challenge, because its often easy to allow the dynamics of a couple or family direct the flow of the shoot… when its just me and that person, it gets a whole lot more personal!  So I am easing myself into it by using friends as guinea pigs, and the first is one of my favourite people – Gabi.  She is my dreaming buddy: she not only inspires me to push my own limits of creativity and personal growth, but is also my number one cheerleader – honestly, she can take all the credit for me even stepping into photography!

Gabi is a dreamer, an idealist and the best kind of person: she cares deeply for the people around her and is possibly the kindest, most loving person I know.  She thinks the best of everyone, is patient and gentle… and an absolute goofball at the same time.  (And anyone who has ever met Gabi will know, after 15minutes of meeting her, she will probably have shown you several photos of Archie and Sadie, her two pups… so it was only fitting that we took them for a walk in Deer Park!)