{Styled Shoot} Nika (introducing ‘love, Joy clothing’)

This shoot holds a very special place in my heart… not only was it absolutely amazing meeting Nicolene and getting to spend an hour chatting to her about relationships and hearing how God wrote her Love Story or even what a cutie baby Nika is (is she not adorable??)… but, this shoot is me stepping out in faith and marks the start of New Things.

A few months ago, God spoke to me about slowing down and living a more simple life that wasn’t filled with a constant need to chase after everything ‘the world’ said I needed – and to start redefining my identity in Him.  And somehow that began my new found love with sewing; first my own dresses and more recently, my heart has been drawn to baby rompers and cute baby outfits.  So this is me extending my vision for Lauren Joy beyond photography and allowing God to use my creativity to birth ‘love, Joy clothing’.  As I said, its a step of faith filled with courage, trust (in God) and simply opening my heart to the new adventures ahead… let’s see where this goes..?

Let me know what you think..?

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