{Couple Shoot} Love Project #2 – Simone + Ber

This post is a little bittersweet: we prayed Simone + Ber ‘out’ of church tonight – and by that I mean, we prayed God bless them as they leave Cape Town and move to Oudtshoorn.  What an awesome, truly exceptional couple.  As much as my heart is sore that they are leaving, I know this move is a God-thing and that even as they look forward to the new season with excitement… I don’t know if they are fully aware of how much of a blessing they will be to their new church and community.  If you don’t know them, you must be wondering what makes this couple so wonderful… well, nothing really… other than their Realness. They’re just themselves – Real, Raw and sometime totally Ridiculous (in the best possible way) and by being so, they give others permission to do and be themselves too.

So seeing that they are leaving Cape Town, it seemed only apt that we do a shoot in Woodstock, embracing their cool, quirky love for street art and having the mountain peek through in the background…

They’ve been together for almost 18 years – both being eachother’s “first girlfriend/ boyfriend”.  They have lived overseas, away from family, returned and are raising two beautiful, spunky, fun-loving little girls. My favourite thing about Simone and Ber is the complete acceptance they have of one another; they are eachother’s Safe Space… and yet, there is no sense of complacency: they challenge eachother on to comtinually become the best version of themselves, stepping out of comfort zones, overcoming fears, finding healing and victory.  They are going to be used greatly in God’s Kingdom, simply by being who they are: humble, honest, real.

As is my tradition with my Love Project, I always ask the couples what has been the key to their successful relationship… and as Simone says, “Knowing that without Jesus we are nothing. We are broken people who need Him completely and can do nothing without Him.” Agreeing, Ber added “And we don’t take ourselves seriously – we laugh together.” And they really do.  After every shoot I have done with them, I always say they are my #MarriageGoals and its still true…


{e-shoot} Wendy + Ivor

Its shoots like this that remind me how incredible it is to live in Cape Town… what a beautiful city?! I’ve wanted to do a shoot in Bokaap for ages and was so happy when Wendy suggested it – don’t you just love all the colours? And can Table Mountain ever be beaten for a backdrop?

Soooooo excited for Wendy & Ivor’s Big Day tomorrow <3 Its going to be gorgeous…


{Couple Shoot} Steve & Be

A few weeks back, I was inspired to take on a personal project – The Love Project… celebrating the Real Love Stories that have been tested and found solid and still going strong.  These are the Love Stories that I look at and hope to one day have too; these are my “Relationship Goals”…

So Couple 1 is Steve & Belinda – I have lost count of how any times I have photographed them (either preggy shoots or with their 3 boys), and love them like family.  As a couple they not only live and love eachother in a way that glorifies God and really testifies of a Christian marriage, but they have fun while doing it… and that’s one of the qualities I love most about them: they laugh together.

Married for 12 years, they are partners in life; talking and praying through every tough situation that may present itself – and no matter how busy life gets (and it really does with 3 gorgeous boys running about) they still prioritise eachother.  The success of their family is due to the strength of their marriage and they know regular Date Nights are important.

Be’s advice for a great marriage: “Apart from the obvious like keeping your heart humble in constantly being changed by the Lord as you lay your life (including your selfish wants and desires) down for your spouse, have fun with each other.”


{Wedding} Francois & Nikki

Every so often a wedding comes your way which is so different from the norm that its refreshing.  Nikki and Francois’ wedding is one of those weddings – so relaxed and with such a simple focus of Love in Community.  Still beautiful, and lacking nothing, this couple proved you don’t have to fall victim to the money game to be a beautiful day… family and friends set up the venue (at their church hall), moms and aunties cooked delicious soup for dinner, friends brought platters to share… it reminded me of what weddings should be: the Community coming together to bless the couple.  I loved it! Congratulations FraNikki; may God continue to pour out His best-est upon you both…

{Preggie Shoot} Sunrise on Signal Hill

When Bianke told me she and Stefan were considering starting a family (back in the days when we used to run and then drink red wine…) I shotgunned being able to do their preggie shoot. Obviously.  I mean, it would have been rude if they had asked anyone else. And several months (of less running and no wine) later, here it is… and we made it extra special by waking up at 6am on a Sunday to catch the sunrise.  I clearly love these people lots. But it was soooooooo worth it… oh, and they hate being in front of a camera.  Yeah, it doesn’t show. At all. <3


Francois asks Carrie to be his Forever {Proposal}


Apparently I could survive the Hunger Games (if all I had to do was hide away in the trees and not be spotted by all those vicious teenagers with weapons) but the point is: my camo abilities are epic. Which is a good thing since I hid in the willows at Mont Rochelle this Sunday and witnessed one of my besties get engaged. What an incredible honour getting to witness Francois ask Carrie to be his Forever – and then gatecrash their picnic ( I mean share in their celebrations!?)

Thank you Francois for allowing me to share in your most special day… you did good… especially with that ring. Black diamond for the win! Wishing you both all the happiness that Forever can hold (and then some more because if you squeeze real hard you can squish some extra good stuff in…) Love you both lots xx


{Preggie Shoot} Silke & JP

It feels like just yesterday I was editing Silke amd JP’s engagement shoot photos, and then their wedding pics… and here we are anticipating Miss Taya Swart’s arrival in June! Cannot wait to meet this beautiful (and already much loved) little girl – perfectly and wonderfully made (the meaning of her name) seems perfect…

Venue: Zevenwacht Wine Estate


{Couple Lifestyle} Stephanie & Anton

One of my favourite aspects of doing couple’s shoots is getting to meet the couples and capturing something of their relationship… to date, the loveliest couples are those that laugh together.  I love seeing men just know how to bring out that smile and then the giggles from their wife/ fiancee/ girlfriend… that’s what makes them them and its so special.  Anton and Steph are those kind of people: Anton just knows what makes his wife break into laughter and enjoy the moment.  Its beautiful.

Thank you Stef & Anton for allowing me to drag you about Majik Forest (down and back up those hills…) for an hour.  You guys are awesome.





{Couple Shoot} Taryn & Duncan

I love how diverse Cape Town is when it comes to finding locations for photo shoots – there’s the pick of the most beautiful beaches, mountains, fynbos, forests… and then in the middle of it all: Century City.  I love this place.  The modern eco-friendly architecture blends almost effortlessly with the canals and Intaka Island. I’ve wanted to photograph a couple here for a while and was thrilled when Taryn entered my Couple Competition – Taryn and Duncan are natural models, super comfortable in front of the camera and an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Location: Century City