{Family Lifestyle} Angela + Elijah

Last week I did a collaboration with Angela of Our Sunshine Journey blog (please go read her story… just have some tissues close by, its got all the feels!) and spent the morning with her and her amazingly gorgeous son, Elijah; what a sweetheart!

Elijah is dressed by Clever Little Monkey

Angela is dressed by Label Collections

{Family Lifestyle} MacIntyre family

I love lifestyle shoots – getting to spend time in a beautiful setting with families as they have fun together… nothing beats that joy.  And Saturday morning’s shoot did not disappoint!  Technically, this was a family shoot for the MacIntyre’s, especially now that baby Callie is 6 months old… but… well, big brother Henry stole the show with some of the best (undirected) modelling I have ever seen.  And he is not even 3…

And like all great models, he grew tired of his natural talent and tried life behind the camera (with a little bit of help)… and this is the Photo that Henry Took.  Not half bad…

{Newborn} Butterflies and Roses for Amelia

Imagine me and you, I do
“I think about you day and night, it’s only right
To think about the girl you love and hold her tight
So happy together”

It feels like we have been looking forward to Amelia’s arrival for ages and now that she’s here… well, it just feels so natural, and her parents are smitten.  in this house, three is most definitely not a crowd!


{Family Lifestyle} Introducing Miss Taya Swart

I know I say this a lot, but one of my favourite things about being a photographer is sharing Life with people; Silke & JP are such people – I have photographed their engagement, wedding, preggie shoot and now the newborn shoot of their precious daughter, Taya. What a blessing!  I feel like I have loved this little girl longer than I can remember… and she is as adorable as I could possibly have imagined.  So here she is, Fearfully and Wonderfully made – Taya Swart.  Too much love for this one…

{Preggie Shoot} Sunrise on Signal Hill

When Bianke told me she and Stefan were considering starting a family (back in the days when we used to run and then drink red wine…) I shotgunned being able to do their preggie shoot. Obviously.  I mean, it would have been rude if they had asked anyone else. And several months (of less running and no wine) later, here it is… and we made it extra special by waking up at 6am on a Sunday to catch the sunrise.  I clearly love these people lots. But it was soooooooo worth it… oh, and they hate being in front of a camera.  Yeah, it doesn’t show. At all. <3


{Baby shower} Showering Amelia with love


Every so often I get to photograph a moment that’s special on a personal level.  I cannot wait to meet Amelia (in a month’s time) and know her parents are going to be great; she’s already one seriously loved little girl! Here are just a few pics from her baby shower – and was she showered with love…

{Couple Lifestyle} Stephanie & Anton

One of my favourite aspects of doing couple’s shoots is getting to meet the couples and capturing something of their relationship… to date, the loveliest couples are those that laugh together.  I love seeing men just know how to bring out that smile and then the giggles from their wife/ fiancee/ girlfriend… that’s what makes them them and its so special.  Anton and Steph are those kind of people: Anton just knows what makes his wife break into laughter and enjoy the moment.  Its beautiful.

Thank you Stef & Anton for allowing me to drag you about Majik Forest (down and back up those hills…) for an hour.  You guys are awesome.





{Family Lifestyle} McIntyre & Hoon families on the Beach

My last shoot of 2016 and what a fun one! My Awesome Friends (its their new official title) brought the rest of their family for some summer portraits on Derdesteen beach.  It was great! Little Henry is a cutie and the girls know what looks stunning in a photo: them living life to the beat of their own fun-filled drum.

{Family Lifestyle} In the country with Team du Toit

To say I love these people is an understatement; they’ve become family. I recently spent a couple of days with them in Riebeeck’s Kasteel and yes, we did the more formal family photos in the nearby vineyards… but my favourite shots are definitely the ones taken while we just did Life: chatting on the verandah while the kids played…