{Personal Portraiture} Gabi

One of the creative steps I am choosing to take as a photographer is ‘personal portraiture’ – spending time with one person and trying to capture something of their heart and personality.  Its a challenge, because its often easy to allow the dynamics of a couple or family direct the flow of the shoot… when its just me and that person, it gets a whole lot more personal!  So I am easing myself into it by using friends as guinea pigs, and the first is one of my favourite people – Gabi.  She is my dreaming buddy: she not only inspires me to push my own limits of creativity and personal growth, but is also my number one cheerleader – honestly, she can take all the credit for me even stepping into photography!

Gabi is a dreamer, an idealist and the best kind of person: she cares deeply for the people around her and is possibly the kindest, most loving person I know.  She thinks the best of everyone, is patient and gentle… and an absolute goofball at the same time.  (And anyone who has ever met Gabi will know, after 15minutes of meeting her, she will probably have shown you several photos of Archie and Sadie, her two pups… so it was only fitting that we took them for a walk in Deer Park!)

{Family Lifestyle} MacIntyre family

I love lifestyle shoots – getting to spend time in a beautiful setting with families as they have fun together… nothing beats that joy.  And Saturday morning’s shoot did not disappoint!  Technically, this was a family shoot for the MacIntyre’s, especially now that baby Callie is 6 months old… but… well, big brother Henry stole the show with some of the best (undirected) modelling I have ever seen.  And he is not even 3…

And like all great models, he grew tired of his natural talent and tried life behind the camera (with a little bit of help)… and this is the Photo that Henry Took.  Not half bad…

{Portraiture} Savannah (featuring Monique)

I don’t usually do matric dance shoots, but this one was a special exception: Savannah and Monique are in my class.  And I have taught them since grade 8… it’s one of the things I find truly remarkable about being a teacher: sharing life with these young people.  Its an honour being allowed to walk a small part of their lives; getting to witness first hand how they respond to Life, seeing them rise to the challenges, overcome the disappointments and flourish… with many giggles along the way.  I am going to miss these faces, but wish them all the very best for what lies ahead…

Venue: Durbanville Hills

{Couple Shoot} Steve & Be

A few weeks back, I was inspired to take on a personal project – The Love Project… celebrating the Real Love Stories that have been tested and found solid and still going strong.  These are the Love Stories that I look at and hope to one day have too; these are my “Relationship Goals”…

So Couple 1 is Steve & Belinda – I have lost count of how any times I have photographed them (either preggy shoots or with their 3 boys), and love them like family.  As a couple they not only live and love eachother in a way that glorifies God and really testifies of a Christian marriage, but they have fun while doing it… and that’s one of the qualities I love most about them: they laugh together.

Married for 12 years, they are partners in life; talking and praying through every tough situation that may present itself – and no matter how busy life gets (and it really does with 3 gorgeous boys running about) they still prioritise eachother.  The success of their family is due to the strength of their marriage and they know regular Date Nights are important.

Be’s advice for a great marriage: “Apart from the obvious like keeping your heart humble in constantly being changed by the Lord as you lay your life (including your selfish wants and desires) down for your spouse, have fun with each other.”


{Family Lifestyle} Mr Christopher introduces little Chloe

When you arrive at a shoot and get greeted with “GRRR, guess what I am Aunty Lauren” (complete with gnashing teeth and T-rex pose)… you know its going to be a great day! And although this was technically little Chloe’s shoot, its hard not to gush over Big Brother Christopher – just try not to fall in love with him, I dare you…



{Wedding} Francois & Nikki

Every so often a wedding comes your way which is so different from the norm that its refreshing.  Nikki and Francois’ wedding is one of those weddings – so relaxed and with such a simple focus of Love in Community.  Still beautiful, and lacking nothing, this couple proved you don’t have to fall victim to the money game to be a beautiful day… family and friends set up the venue (at their church hall), moms and aunties cooked delicious soup for dinner, friends brought platters to share… it reminded me of what weddings should be: the Community coming together to bless the couple.  I loved it! Congratulations FraNikki; may God continue to pour out His best-est upon you both…

{Family Lifestyle} Introducing Miss Taya Swart

I know I say this a lot, but one of my favourite things about being a photographer is sharing Life with people; Silke & JP are such people – I have photographed their engagement, wedding, preggie shoot and now the newborn shoot of their precious daughter, Taya. What a blessing!  I feel like I have loved this little girl longer than I can remember… and she is as adorable as I could possibly have imagined.  So here she is, Fearfully and Wonderfully made – Taya Swart.  Too much love for this one…

{Family Lifestyle} Princess Evie in the Park

What a cutie! Little Evie is possibly the sweetest (and calmest) little girl I have ever photographed; she was so obliging to sit for the camera and give me her best model stare… and as every princess does, she rocked her glitter crown.

If you are from the Southern Suburbs and don’t know about Keurboom Park, go check it out: kiddie and dog friendly. So lovely.


{Preggie Shoot} Sunrise on Signal Hill

When Bianke told me she and Stefan were considering starting a family (back in the days when we used to run and then drink red wine…) I shotgunned being able to do their preggie shoot. Obviously.  I mean, it would have been rude if they had asked anyone else. And several months (of less running and no wine) later, here it is… and we made it extra special by waking up at 6am on a Sunday to catch the sunrise.  I clearly love these people lots. But it was soooooooo worth it… oh, and they hate being in front of a camera.  Yeah, it doesn’t show. At all. <3