I am Lauren.  I am a pink-loving, cookie-baking, photo-taking girly-girl.   I love being a bit of a contradiction: I am an incredibly organised and logical Creative Person and while I love people and sharing adventures, I am at heart an Introvert. I love all things pretty like pearls and lace, but am equally delighted getting my hands dirty in the outdoors. So the only constant about me is this: I love Jesus. Simple as that.

My approach to photography is simple: I aim to capture moments.  I prefer a natural, unposed style that reflects the hearts and personalities of my clients – I simply want to photograph you at your most lovely: enjoying the moment with people you love.

If you like my approach and would like to discuss package details, let’s have tea (or coffee!)… I look forward to hearing from you…

I just recently got married too, so I know all the thrills and turmoil of planning your Big Day (you can click HERE to follow my Love Story) and I especially know what its like to want the fairytale on a limited budget… I can’t promise you magic and fairydust, but we can always see how far we can stretch your purse-strings.