{Couple Shoot} Steve & Be

A few weeks back, I was inspired to take on a personal project – The Love Project… celebrating the Real Love Stories that have been tested and found solid and still going strong.  These are the Love Stories that I look at and hope to one day have too; these are my “Relationship Goals”…

So Couple 1 is Steve & Belinda – I have lost count of how any times I have photographed them (either preggy shoots or with their 3 boys), and love them like family.  As a couple they not only live and love eachother in a way that glorifies God and really testifies of a Christian marriage, but they have fun while doing it… and that’s one of the qualities I love most about them: they laugh together.

Married for 12 years, they are partners in life; talking and praying through every tough situation that may present itself – and no matter how busy life gets (and it really does with 3 gorgeous boys running about) they still prioritise eachother.  The success of their family is due to the strength of their marriage and they know regular Date Nights are important.

Be’s advice for a great marriage: “Apart from the obvious like keeping your heart humble in constantly being changed by the Lord as you lay your life (including your selfish wants and desires) down for your spouse, have fun with each other.”


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