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Love Joy Clothing embraces the Simpler, Slower values of my childhood - filled with memories of carefree afternoons playing in the garden, blowing dandelion-wishes and lots of laughter... when dinner was home-made, communication was face to face and we somehow escaped the pressures of social media. Life was good.

Cherishing the Nostalgia of the past, yet acknowledging the Freshness of the New Generation of little girls (and boys) - Love Joy Clothing provides the modern mom with a unique opportunity to customise their little one's outfit.  Why should your most precious little person look just like everyone else? Using the various options during the order process, you can create your own, bespoke outfit - truly unique and handmade with love...

Because of the unique, personal touch given to each outfit, delivery time is expected to be between 3 - 5 weeks. Please take this into account when ordering your outfit; babies have a sneaky way of growing when we aren't looking... and sadly, our outfits do not.

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