To E or not to E – Tips on Engagement Shoots

I have so many couples ask me if having an engagement shoot is ‘worth it’. The simple answer? Definitely!

As a photographer I offer engagements shoots as part of my packages because it not only builds relationship between myself and the couple, but it increases Trust. And Excitement for the upcoming wedding.  I like to approach it as a Trial run. Experience has taught me that couples are a little anxious and awkward when placed in front of the camera; every single couple I have photographed has complained they don’t know how to pose.  But that’s just the thing – you shouldn’t be posing; you should simply be yourselves and enjoy the moment together. Engagement shoots are opportunities to get comfortable with eachother (and me), so that on the wedding day, you can just relax, cherish the moment and rock your couple shoot like pro’s.

As a bride you spend the time having a hair and make up trial; why not use this day to make the most of looking gorgeous and get in front of the camera? You score some extra profile pics, as well as getting an honest reflection of whether your hair and especially, your make-up, is what you really want. (I have had several brides return to the MUAH team asking for changes after seeing the results in their engagement photos – from simple “please make my eyes/ lips pop more” to “help, I look like an orange oompa loompa!” The camera does not lie.



The next question I get asked is “what do we wear?”. Well, that’s a bit trickier and more personal.  My go-to response: whatever makes him weak at the knees and smile crazily when he looks at you – so ask your fiance which outfit he loves you in the most. (And then maybe begin the negotiation process to find the balance between his choice and what you feel confident and comfortable in).  There is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about what you are wearing – with a camera pointed at you. Choose an outfit that makes you feel super confident and at your most gorgeous – if that’s a pretty dress or jeans and a tee, its all about being the best, most radiant version of You. And once you’ve settled on your outfit – make sure your fiance wears something that complements it (similar colour palette and style, but not exactly twinning it if you know what I mean…) and not clashing (patterns, colours, style).

And then its a matter of choosing a location.  My question is this: do you have a personal, favourite place? If not… are you beach people? Love the mountains? Forest? Inner-city buzz? Your engagement shoot should reflect something about your relationship, so let’s find a location that compliments you. The best time of day for photographs is usually the hour before sunset, but this could also change depending on your choice of location – if there is a mountain blocking the sun, you might be in shadows by 3pm.  Little factors like these are worth communicating with your photographer about; you don’t want to be disappointed that you don’t get the golden ‘glowy’ photos when you chose to do your photos during the midday light.


I don’t know if this post is meant to convince you to rush off and book an engagement shoot, but let’s be honest: who doesn’t love photos of themselves, looking gorgeous and in love – and not taken with a cellphone or selfie-stick?

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